Aquarium Hotel, The Best Living Place in the Down town

Exotica Lounge & Cafe

Casual lounge & cafe, with lots of aquariums, turtles swimming in a fountain, waterfall and a pond where (George) the crocodile live. (Hasna) the python, also lives near by, but because she is 6 meter long, her house is taller. The (Exotica) functions as the hotel lobby as well.

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Dine In At Aquarium Hotel

Best mingling place ever
Exotica Lounge and Cafe

What is FengShui?
“Feng shui” is a east Asia’s art theories which is based on the belief that the way you arrange things within a building, and within the rooms of that building, can affect aspects of your life such as how happy and successful you are. “Oxford English Dictionary. 2nd ed. 1989”.

Within the Exotica lounge, we’ve mingled the art of time management with a passionate commitment in a natural flow to restoring your sense of Beauty, harmony and balance, You will be instantly whisked from the day’s pressures to a world of total relaxation and spirit rejuvenate. Exotica Lounge energized environment of the place makes it just the right atmosphere for enjoying a deep state of relaxation. Warm and welcoming, it’s a great place to connect with friends or colleagues.

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Plantation Restaurant

Enjoy elegant á la carte dining with a modern international twist at Origins. The exquisite menu features fresh seafood, premium beef, and an extensive cocktails selection. Perfect for corporate entertaining, intimate dinners, or family celebrations.

Atmosphere - Casual, Stylish.
Cuisine -
Breakfast (6am ~ 10 am) : Open-buffet or in Bed
Lunch, Dinner: International cuisine Open-buffet, á la carte.
Drinks 24 hours.

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The Exotica Café

Divers drinks prepared with an invented technique, served in a creative way to assure your pleasure and satisfaction. Have a light bite with aquatic cool cocktail.

Atmosphere - Casual, Stylish
Hours - 24 hours