Aquarium Hotel, The Best Living Place in the Down town


Time and arrival departure policies

Arrival time

Departure time

Policy of early arrival and late departures

In the case of early Arrival and the desire to enter directly to the suite, please book from the previous night. Similarly, for late departures, (and in case of our inability to extend your stay until 3 pm), reserving an additional night will guarantee it until you leave the hotel. If not we will be happy to store your bags until the time comes you enter the suite and through it you can take advantage of leisure facilities within the hotel.

Cancellation policy

The hotel has to receive the cancellation notice 24 hours before 2 pm on the expected arrival day, but this policy can be changed depending on the day of arrival and suite type. If we do not receive the notice of cancellation at time, the Hotel will charge the cost of one night.

For details about cancellation policies and requirements of reimbursement, please inquire at time of booking.

Credit cards / checks and payment policy

We apologize to accept personal checks, and we welcome credit cards.

  • MasterCard.
  • Visa.

*companies shall settle the due amount within 15 days after the presentation of invoices.

Lost and found and security policy

The hotel is highly secured and covered with surveillance cameras, each suite is equipped with an electronic safety box, and every found lost object will be sent to its owner on his expenses.

But still, hotel is not responsible for any non declared lost object.